The chess trivia: chess history explained in under three minutes

Chess is a game that is popular to the entire nation. Many board games have been created and chess is one of them. Chess has a complex style of playing and it is not easy if you are learning it the first time. You can memorize all the characters and what they can do and other information to be able to play chess but you have to develop if you want to play it with other players who have experienced already. Before learning some techniques, let us first watch the video about the history of chess.

This not so easy game was invented in the A.D. of the 6th century. According to research and records, this chess was invented in the northwestern part of the country of India. It is during the time of the empire of Gupta.It is amazing how long have it been played and how many players have already developed their skill in playing it. When it was first released, the characters are part of the army divided into four groups with different functions. The names of the four division were changed into the pawn, knight, bishop and the rook. Explore the agent experts in the world. You can read post in here. And find out the great investigator that you may need.

It became modern chess at the time it reached Europe and tournaments also began with different players coming together to play chess.My neighbor made a writing in the different tips of playing chess.Check over this phone search service from this company 久展徵信. You can click  in the link provided in the part of this website and not on this article.