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Webkinz Rally and Other New Additions to Webkinz World

Posted April 1st @ 10:02 pm by webkinz

A new game called Webkinz Rally has been added to the arcade and the tournament arena last night. You start the game by choosing a car. Your choices are dependent upon the Kinzville Academy Style Level of the pet you are using. When playing the game, you steer the car using the arrow keys. There are different obstacles, some of which slow you down, some speed you up, and others which give you points.

Also Zumwhere at last was added to the Magical Forest. In order to activate and use Zumwhere, you must enter a code from the new Kinz Klips that arrived to stores this month.

Caring Valley also was added to Webkinz World last night. In order to plant saplings and get an Enchanted Tree, you must buy a Webkinz that has a “Caring Valley” tag on it. The first Caring Valley Webkinz is the Panda, which will be available this month. Next month’s Caring Valley Webkinz is the Poodle.