How to Play

Webkinz are lovable stuffed animal plush toys released by the Ganz company in 2005. These toys can be played through the website www.webkinz .com. This game gas become widely known in the United States for children and adults. Actually, this is a healthy gaming for children. Then how to play webkinz? Actually, webkinz toys have codes that you have to enter so these pets can be played. How then can you play? Here is the step by step process:

1. Buy a webkinz pet

2. Type  in your computer

3. Log in to your account. If you are new, just click ‘I’m new’ button and it will lead you to information that you have to fill out. Fill out all the information that the page is asking you.

4. After you have signed up, you will receive a certificate of adoption

5. You can now click the ‘print’ or just proceed to ‘next’ button

6. The page will display two option: Let’s go play and I’ve got a pet to adopt. Since you are going to start to play with a new pet, click ‘I’ve got a pet to adopt’

7. With the pet that you have bought, you will see a tag in it. Open the tag to see the secret code.

8. Type the secret code in the textbox. After that, you can now play with the pet. You can do whatever you want.

You can let the pet just tour with you. You can also find friends in the Webkinz World! Then, everything will be fun!